Posted by La Jolie Muse on 1st Oct 2019

A house is brick and mortar, what makes it a home is what we do with it. Look at the blank walls and paint the canvas, beautify every corner, down to the smallest detail – the scent.

That’s right, you heard us.

The smell is often the last thing on our mind when it comes to our home but actually has a huge impact on our well-being, mood and feelings of stress and anxiety.

Oscar Wilde once said "I can resist everything except temptation," well, at La Jolie Muse, we study the art of fragrance and essential oil mixology to bring you aromatic scented candles that are sure to tempt you.

Join us on a journey of sensuous discovery...


Pumpkin & Cinnamon

Fall is a romantic and serene time of year, the lush green labyrinth of leaves has passed; now a kaleidoscope of autumnal vibrancy is in the air. Shades of luscious orange, soft ambers and blazing reds adorn the trees – time to crank out the pumpkins and start carving for Halloween.

Our Pumpkin Cinnamon candle is fragrant blend that will usher in sweet memories of pumpkin spice lattes and freshly-baked cinnamon buns.

Fir & Cedarwood

Nothing beats autumn apart from the festive cheer of Christmas.

The earthy burst of cedar and fir freshness of a Christmas tree packed into a luxury soy wax candle is the essence of the Fir Cedarwood scent.

It combines fresh lemon with cardamom, pine, fir balsam and firneedle spices that add a dash of warmth to the ultimate winter-inspired candle.

Four Seasons Gift Set

We know how important it is to find the perfect gift; we can spend days agonizing over what to buy for that special someone. Well, we've got you covered with our Four Seasons Gift Set.

Each candle has been individually crafted to bring you a unique collection of scents perfect for each season.

This winter, curl up next to the fireplace with a cup of eggnog and Himalaya Cedarwood.

This spring, see the trees adorned with lush greenery and enjoy the floral delight of White Jasmine.

This summer, feel blessed and sun-kissed with Aquamarine.

This fall, fall in love with Orange Cinnamon Clove.


Sweet Pea & Lily

All year, we’re like bees in winter, waiting for sweet nectar-filled summer days to bring back the bliss. If you don’t want to wait for next time summer comes around, then try Sweet Pea & Lily. The scent blends heady sweet pea with jasmine, fresh rose, vanilla and lily.

Lilies are also more than just an aromatic revelry; the Greeks believed that the flower embodies Hera, the queen of the gods. It is a natural calming remedy that helps boost mood and calm our minds. While, sweet peas stimulate creativity and soothe nerves

Bring back that hip ‘summer feeling’ all year round with our sumptuous summer medley of sweet pea and lily.


Blue Lotus

Whatever your job, be it sitting down for hours in the office or spending all day roasting under the sun, our minds often dream of faraway shores or spa retreats. The desire to escape and go wanderlusting lives in us all.

Imagine a brilliant blue lotus rocking on the gentle teal waves of the Nile River. The sacred blue water lily not only bolsters beauty but is also the perfect aromatherapy companion that will aid sleep, reduce stress, and its natural alkaloids promote feelings of calming euphoria.

Blue Lotus blends bergamot, lemon, hyacinth, blue lotus, green tea and lily.

So wherever you may be, light Blue Lotus to release your reality and live carefree.

Jasmine Blossom

Jasmine is a blessing to aromatherapy that was pioneered by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians; even the Persians chimed in with the name Jasmine which means “gift from God” dedicated to the potent blooms.

Jasmine flowers have applications in relieving stress and anxiety, soothing the body, boosting mood, and acting as a sleep aid. The little white star-shaped blossoms really are a blessing.

Let Jasmine Blossom transport your senses to an enchanting garden of bliss.


Amber Sandalwood

Not a fan of the sweet? Smell the earthy aromas of the wood as you walk back to the homely cabin you’ve rented for the weekend. Push the bustle of the city out and let nature in; that's what you’ll get with our large luxury Amber Sandalwood scent.

A rich blend of floral and avocado, green citrus and woody bottom notes with a touch of freesia.

Hailed as a natural healer and even considered holy in some Hindu rituals, sandalwood is used in medicine, beauty treatments and aromatherapy to drive away stress and keep your home odor-free.


Fig & Eucalyptus

Close your eyes, take a deep breath in and out, open your eyes and find yourself in a luxurious spa. The perfect retreat to tickle all your senses.

Fragrant tea for taste, ocean waves for sound, pure white towels for sight, soft beds for touch and the smell of Fig Eucalyptus for the ideal delicious aroma. It blends eucalyptus, jasmine, fig, and subtle woodsy aromas of cedarwood, amber, and tonka bean.

Imagine a sun-soaked fig tree that releases invigorating warmth. Welcome the forest-like scent, reconnect with nature and boost your health.

Feeling groggy, got a cold? Eucalyptus is a natural nose healer, the perfect scent to get you breathing and feeling right as rain again.

Balsam & Cedar

Nothing beats smelling the forest, all the subtle wild and earthy aromas blending into a sensational olfactory treat.

Every time you open our Cedar & Balsam gorgeous green frosted jar, indulge in a pungent woodsy aroma that’ll make you think of Christmas.

It blends aldehyde, bergamot, fir needle, cedarwood, rosemary, pine, and balsam.


Go glamping in style with our subtly sweet Coconut Berry scent that is the ultimate way to escape the city and embrace nature with coconut, blueberry and vanilla.

Is gardening more your jam? If you love nurturing your green fingers by growing and picking berries, then embrace the fragrant fusion of Raspberry Fruit with blackberry, raspberry, galbanum and rose.

Not a fan of the outdoors? Forget going out, put the kettle on, pour yourself a fruity cup of tea and have the ultimate indoor retreat. Nectar Basil is a sumptuous blend of apricot, basil, violet, rose and coconut.

Do you need a special someone to gift you roses? We say no. Pick up our deliciously delicate honeyed rose scent and be your own Prince Charming. Rose Honey blends lemon, violet, rose, geranium, vanilla, and sandalwood.


Crisp Cotton

You go for a morning run to get some headspace and suddenly run into a breath-taking valley, mesmerized, you take in the pleasant energizing smell.

A soft flurry of white goodness, cotton is associated with a clean, fresh smell that evokes thoughts of freshly washed laundry and crisp spring air - that is the essence of our Crisp Cotton scent. Stop worrying and start living clean.

Crisp Cotton blends citrus with a floral bouquet of white gardenias, rose and jasmine, complemented by a velvety ylang-ylang, sandalwood and musk.

Bamboo & Lime

Imagine waking up on a Monday morning, you’re drowsy, weak and late for work, no time for your quick coffee energy fix. What better way to wake up than with a citrusy refreshing wave of lime and bamboo bliss?

Our Bamboo Lime scent blends lemon, bergamot, jasmine, lavender, cedar, patchouli, and oakmoss.

Bamboo helps remove nasty odors while lime is the perfect tangy topper, together, they are sure to leave your home smelling fresh.


Did you know that walking barefoot on grass can reduce stress levels by 62%? It seems there’s no better stress reliever than chilling on grass under the summer sun, unfortunately, annoying critters always manage to ruin the fun. It’s time to say no more with our Citronella candle.

The scent packs a piquant punch with a blend of zesty lemon and lemongrass that guarantees a fresh clean and a buzz-free summer.

Bothersome insects are a thing of the past, from now on, you can ditch the shoes and jump on the lawn for a spot of stress-relief paired with our zesty grassy scent.

We hope you have enjoyed engaging your imagination and exploring the design ideas behind some of our scented candle products.

What do you think of our fragrance library?

We hope we tempted you enough to try one yourself.