Calling all fruity and sweet scent lovers!

Posted by La Jolie Muse on 3rd Jan 2020

Nothing beats a gorgeous fruity or sweet candle that instantly reconnects you with fun and flirty summer vibes even in the middle of winter. 

Treat yourself to aromatherapy magic with the scents below


Vanilla Coconut

Try this candle if you’re ravenous every time you smell baked goods…

"The sweet, delicate smell of vanilla extract gently drips into the mix. Little snowflakes of flour softly flurry together with the milk and eggs. Caramel shards crunch softly as you cut into the lush vanilla cake..."

Doesn't that sound like the most tempting treat ever?

Vanilla and coconut is a tried and tested combination, so we took the classics and elevated them to make the sweet-smelling scents fuse into aromatic goodness that will help to calm you and boost your mood.

Satiate your hunger with this boldly sweet smell.

It blends top notes of coconut, mid notes of cotton candy, and base notes of vanilla and tonka bean.

Sweet Pea & Lily

All year, we’re like bees in winter, waiting for sweet nectar-filled summer days to bring back the bliss.

If you don’t want to wait for next time summer comes around, then try Sweet Pea & Lily. The scent blends heady sweet pea with jasmine, fresh rose, vanilla and lily.


Lilies are also more than just an aromatic revelry; the Greeks believed that the flower embodies Hera, the queen of the gods. It is a natural calming remedy that helps boost mood and calm our minds. While, sweet peas stimulate creativity and soothe nerves

Bring back that hip ‘summer feeling’ all year round with our sumptuous summer medley of sweet pea and lily.

Warm Vanilla and Tobacco

Become an aromatherapy addict with this classic sweet vanilla and subtle tobacco scentsation. The scent also blends coconut, musk, spice and woody base notes that create a luxury sensuous smell that is not overpowering.

There’s nothing better than a fragrant companion for a cozy night-in. You nestle next to the fireplace with a good book, a cup of cocoa, and our fragrant mood setter.

This candle packages lush scents in a minimalist black reusable tin that is like the ‘little black dress’ of candles because sometimes less really is more.

It blends top notes of spice, tobacco, mid notes of tonka bean, tobacco flower, coconut, and base notes of wood, vanilla, and musk.


Cobalt Blue Votives

Go glamping in style with our subtly sweet Coconut Berry scent that is the ultimate way to escape the city and embrace nature with coconut, blueberry and vanilla.

Is gardening more your jam? If you love nurturing your green fingers by growing and picking berries, then embrace the fragrant fusion of Raspberry Fruit with blackberry, raspberry, galbanum and rose.

Not a fan of the outdoors? Forget going out, put the kettle on, pour yourself a fruity cup of tea and have the ultimate indoor retreat. Nectar Basil is a sumptuous blend of apricot, basil, violet, rose and coconut.

Do you need a special someone to gift you roses? We say no. Pick up our deliciously delicate honeyed rose scent and be your own Prince Charming. Rose Honey blends lemon, violet, rose, geranium, vanilla, and sandalwood.