Clean wax from your candle tins and jars

Posted by La Jolie Muse on 6th Nov 2019

Candles fill our noses and our lives with scentsational olfactory experiences. After all, smell is the only sense directly linked to our emotions and memories. So the next time you walk into a meadow full of lavender, pour yourself an herbal cup of jasmine tea or enjoy the crisp spring breeze, embrace that memories that come rushing back to you.

At La Jolie Muse, we know how meaningful smells are which is why we use perfume-grade fragrances and essential oils to give you the best natural soy wax candles at an affordable price. Please your senses without breaking the bank.

We only sense the smell once we become interested in a candle so while finding the perfect scent blend is key, the appearance of the candle is just as important. We partner with designers from all around the world to help us craft the most exquisite and luxury candle tins and glass jars that with bring elegant chic into your home.

Once you have enjoyed the candle and finished off the wax, why not get creative and find innovative ways to reuse the packaging?

We love repurposing our tins as succulent planters, jewellery boxes or a great storage solution for loose items around the home. Interested? Check out our guide to cleaning the packaging below so you too can upcycle in style!

Ready, Steady, Upcycle!

1) Choose the containers you want to upcycle

2) Scoop out as much of the wax as you can

Our natural soy wax blends are soft, so you can easily scoop out the old wax and any other remains with a spoon or pry tool.

3) Boil water and pour it into the empty candle container to melt residue wax

4) Wait for the wax to surface and solidify on top of the water if you want to reuse it in a candle warmer OR pour out the water carefully – the tins can get hot

5) Too much wax to remove with hot water? Place the candle in the freezer for a few hours until frozen, the wax should come out of the tin, but you can loosen it with a pry tool if necessary, then clean with soap and water

6)Wipe the container clean with a paper towel

7) If the wick tab is still inside, remove it

8) Fill the tin with anything you like!