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How To Make Your Bed Like A Pro in 7 Easy Steps

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The Unsung Hero Of A Healthy Life

Bed in sunny room with plant

Crisp sheets. Plush pillows. That peaceful, sinking-into-a-cloud feeling that we associate with hotel-level luxury. What if you could feel this way every night?

The simple secret: a properly made bed.

You probably know how to make your bed look nice, but the real sink-into-a-cloud luxury starts with knowing the parts of a bed and what comfort means for you. Despite spending a third of our lives in bed, most of us aren’t taught the basics of bed setup or the whys behind layered bedding. 

But why should you make your bed? After all, you’re going to sleep in it again later.

Here’s the catch: people who make their bed genuinely sleep better. Sleep is an essential function that allows your body to recover, recharge, and stay healthy. With that in mind, a comfy bed has emotional benefits too. Who doesn’t love coming home to a  cozy, well-styled room? 

What you’ll need (in order of assembly):

  • Bed skirt (optional)
  • Mattress topper
  • Mattress protector
  • Fitted sheet
  • Flat sheet
  • Comforter or duvet
  • Pillows and pillowcases
  • Throw blanket (optional)
  • Accent pillows (optional)

1. How to Put On a Bed Skirt

Bedroom with well-made bed

Optional but highly recommended. Not everyone gets to choose the canopy bed of their dreams, and a bed skirt (or dust ruffle) can hide an unappealing bed frame or storage boxes underneath your bed. Make sure to iron your bed skirt before putting it on, since their packaging often leaves deep creases in the material.

  1. Take your mattress off the bed frame.

  2. Arrange your bed skirt over the box spring and adjust the corners so they drape over the edges.

  3. If your bed skirt is the three-sided elastic kind, line the skirtless side with the headboard.

  4. Make sure your bed skirt aligns with the corners of your frame.

  5. Put your mattress back on the bed frame.

      2. Sink Into Luxury With A Mattress Topper 

      Mattress toppers are game-changers for turning your bed into a soft sanctuary. If you’ve ever wondered how to make your bed more comfortable, a topper is your answer.  You’ll be surprised how a few inches of softness can make a big difference.

      The challenge with toppers is choosing one that suits you. Some have elastic straps that loop over the corners of your mattress, a nonslip bottom, and there are even memory foam toppers. Whatever you choose, make sure it suits your style of comfort and stays secure on your bed. 

      3. Stay Clean With A Mattress Protector

      For a clean bed, a mattress protector is crucial and is especially good if you have pets. Many are designed to be waterproof, prevent allergens like dust or mites from getting into your mattress, and reduce general wear and tear.

      Mattress protectors are easy to install, with many shaped like fitted sheets with elasticated edges or straps that go over the corners of your mattress topper and mattress.

      4. Keep It Snug With A Fitted Sheet

      Now that your mattress topper and protector are on, your fitted sheet wraps everything together in an appealing package of cozy layers.

      Lay your sheet on the bed and start pulling toward the most difficult-to-reach corner first. Pull it snug and tight, then continue with the other corners.

      5. How To Put Sheets On A Bed

      Bedroom with basket, painting, lamp and well-made bedNext to changing duvet covers, replacing bedsheets (also known as flat sheets or top sheets) is a chore we all love to avoid. But once it's done, there's nothing more satisfying than sliding into crisp sheets while being enveloped by your favorite duvet or comforter.  

      A note on duvets: This is where your creativity and style can shine! While patterns are a style statement, a single color is equally stunning. A good set of white 100% cotton sateen duvet and pillow covers gives that immaculate five-star hotel look and feel.

      For a simple bed that looks crisp and neat, learning how to make hospital corners is key. It’s the same technique used by luxury hotels, and only takes seconds to do. Flat sheets tend to be easier to fold compared to fitted ones.

      1. Lay your sheet flat on the bed, making sure there’s an equal overhang on each side.

      2. Tuck in the overhang by the foot of the mattress. You should have the top, left, and right sides still hanging free.

      3. At the foot of the mattress, grab the sheet one or two feet away from the end of the mattress. Lift it to create a 45° angle from the corner of the mattress.

      4. Hold this piece on top of your mattress. It should look like a triangle shape at the bottom corner of your bed. For the overhang on the side of the mattress, tuck this under the mattress.

      5. Pull down the triangle-shaped piece and tuck it underneath the mattress.

      6. Comfy Comforters And Divine Duvets

      Nearly there! Your bed is ultra-soft, now it’s time to make it personal and cozy. Not sure if you have a comforter or duvet? Here’s a quick comparison:


      A comforter is a single piece of bedding that’s usually quilted and has the filling already inside. It doesn’t need a cover, though you can use a duvet cover if you wish. They’re ready to use out of the package. 

      If you have a comforter and have completed the steps above, you’re practically done—just add it on top with your pillows and you’re ready to rest!


      A complete duvet is two pieces—an insert and a cover. The insert goes inside the cover, and both pieces can be easily replaced and cleaned. Duvets tend to look fluffier than comforters and changing your style is as easy as changing the cover.

      When placing your duvet or comforter on the bed, make sure there’s an equal amount of overhang on each side. Fold down the top part of the comforter or duvet for a clean look.

      7. How to style a bed with pillows and blankets

      Congratulations! You’ve got the right bed layers, the pro-level hospital corners bed, and now it’s time to learn how to make your bed uniquely yours.


      Brown pillows and white throw blanket on red sofaApart from your standard pillows at the head of your bed, you can add any number of throw pillows (also known as accent pillows) as you want. For that extra fancy look, you can try euro pillows, which sit behind standard pillows as decorative accents.

      Square, round, oblong, or any fun-shaped accent pillows are encouraged—it’s all about your personal style. For a bed that looks full but not overcrowded, five pillows are a good amount.

      Throw blankets

      Throw blanket on bedWho doesn’t love an artfully thrown blanket? For a beautiful bed that looks effortlessly rustic, you can drape it diagonally across one of the bottom corners of your bed, folded or unfolded.

      Not feeling artsy? Fold your blanket into a rectangle and place it horizontally across the foot of your bed—now you have a neat end of bed blanket for extra warmth that ties the whole room together. 

      Final Touch: Just Two Minutes

      Throw blanket and throw pillow on bedNow that you’re a bed-making pro, the next step is to turn it into a daily ritual. 

      Rituals help us set the tone of the day, and spending two minutes plumping your pillows and straightening your duvet can do wonders for your mood.

      Imagine—a clutter-free room, a heavenly soft bed, and finally sinking down into the best sleep of your life, feeling cozier and more at home than ever.

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