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13 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For A Bright, Fresh Home

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It’s really not as bad as it sounds.

Lemon, cleaning brush, spray bottle

After a long day at work, sinking into a clean, clutter-free space is a welcome relief. But the benefits don’t stop there. While a tidy house immediately looks more luxurious, a clean house can help you sleep better, feel less stressed, and washing the dishes can even make you feel less anxious

Now spring is in the air, there’s no better time to freshen up your sanctuary and inject some new energy and style.

In this list, we’ve included plenty of one-and-done home tips and tricks that you only need to do occasionally—plus a few decor hacks to make cleaning super fast.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to go all-in with top to bottom cleaning everything in one day. Even doing one of these clean-ups can make a huge difference and kickstart positive habits. 

Ready to make a happy home?

Crystal Clear Windows for a Better View

Blue curtains and open white window

Most of us don’t surface clean our windows very often. But we deserve a clear view when the flowers are blooming and the sunlight is streaming through the windows!

A quick wipe with a glass cleaner and soft microfiber cloth inside and out should leave them streak-free and sparkling (don’t forget the sill too). Even on a rainy day, a clean window sill with a charming potted plant will brighten up your space and your [mood] link plant blog. 

Grime-Free Grocery Bags    

White string grocery bag

Reusable tote bags are convenient and come in all sorts of fantastic prints and styles. 

You certainly don’t need to pull out a steam cleaner, but how often do you sanitize them? Make sure to check the label before you add detergent and throw them in the washer and dryer. Wash once, and you’ll feel happier when you reach for them each week.

Countertop Cleanse

Marble countertop with crockery

A quick solution to those sticky corners and tiny food splashes that escape the daily mop-up. There’s no need to grab your strong cleaning supplies—a 50/50 vinegar and water spray make an effective natural cleanser. 

A clean counter immediately pulls everything together and you’ll feel better every time you enter the kitchen. To create a truly stunning focal point, try showing off your next culinary creation with an elevated stand.     

Fridge Refresher

Fridge with food

The only thing on this list we recommend deep cleaning! Your fridge contains fresh produce, so giving it a regular wipe down will keep your food sanitary too. If you clean regularly enough, you won’t need to scrub hard with harsh chemicals each time. It’s a quick job if you do it section by section, and your fridge will be much better organized in minutes.   

Banish Garbage Disposal Build-up   

Kitchen sink

There are a few cleaning hacks when it comes to the garbage disposal. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Add half a cup of baking soda and half a cup of white vinegar (slowly poured) then put on the sink stopper. Let it fizz for a few minutes before flushing it out with hot water while running.

Ice Cubes and Rock Salt

Fill the disposal with ice cubes then add a cup of rock salt. Run for a few seconds with the water running so the ice breaks and grinds away build up.

Desk Declutter

Pink mug on books on messy desk

Papers, pens, wires, and stationery often stack up into hopelessly dense piles as we work. For all those important odds and ends, a quick wipe of the table and some rearranging with handy stackable storage will free up tons of room for a clearer mind and happier workspace.

If you work in your dining room, living room, or anywhere else with a free table, the same tips apply!      

Cabinet Clear Out

Full pantry with jars and sauces

Have you ever been afraid of opening a kitchen or bathroom cabinet because something might fall out? Old cans, half-empty packets, expired cosmetics, and expired food won’t be missed! A good wipe and clean-out will make searching the cabinet so much easier, and you can fill them with useful toiletries or food you’ll look forward to eating.

The Junk Draw Purge 

Locronan Chocolate Brown Storage Baskets

Coins, mysterious keys, batteries, wires…the list goes on and the drawer gets fuller. If you can’t remember what it’s for, it’s time to toss them. Now you can organize it for good with some storage baskets and always find useful items fast.  

The Toy Dump Dilemma 

Antibes Brown Hand Woven Square Laundry Basket

Big or small, toys need to have their place so the living room doesn’t become a confusing maze where you could step on a lego at any moment. Toys with tiny pieces can go back into their boxes, but stuffed toys and pillow forts can find new homes in large rustic laundry baskets and still look charming.

New Season, New Bedding

Chantal Leafy Jacquard Creamy White and Golden Yellow Cotton Duvet Cover

You can invest in new spring-themed bedding if you feel like treating yourself. For your pillows and comforters, make sure to check the label before tossing them in the washing machine. Nothing feels better than sinking into fresh sheets, clean comforters, and plump pillows for spring!

Liberate Library Shelves

Antibes Dark Brown Hand Woven Storage Basket

Books, knick-knacks, ornaments—a quick wipe and dust is often enough, but if your shelves are overflowing, consider creating space with an artsy storage basket that looks good anywhere, even on the floor.     

Suck It Up 

Vacuuming blue sofa

Exhausted at the thought of lugging the vacuum around? Start small with one room at a time. If you’ve already decluttered with baskets and organizers, your space should already be easier to navigate.

We wish there was a simple trick to eliminate dust in your house, but getting rid of dust really is a matter of habit. A quick vacuum will remove those pesky dust mites and help protect you from allergies, odors, and increase the lifespan of your carpet.  

Entryway Saviors 

Heric Beige Cotton Rope Storage Baskets

While not strictly cleaning, making space for your keys, hats, sunglasses, and other everyday items removes the daily stress of searching for them. Try hanging them at eye level in soft baskets by your door so you’ll associate them with a specific space. When an item has a home, you’ll always know where to look.

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