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7 Ways To Instantly Hygge Your Home For Ultimate Coziness

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Have you ever heard of hygge (hue-gah)?

Hygge paper note

It’s the Danish concept of finding comfort from the simple soothing things in life, like a cozy atmosphere or the feeling of friendship.

The best thing about hygge is that there’s no set way of doing it. Spending time with your friends and family is hygge. Outdoor picnics and bike rides are hygge. Being cozy at home is hygge.

Wouldn’t it be good to come home every day and sink into that soothing, almost nostalgic feeling?

We think so too. So, here it is: A how-to on how to create a cozy space with a few key pieces of simple home decor.

Feel Restful With Color

Cozy room

Beiges, browns, mid-tone grays, and other neutral, muted colors can do wonders for your space. Light beige aesthetic not your color palette? Calm color schemes are deeply personal, so if your idea of a calm includes warm and cozy pink walls paired with a beige rug, you’re welcome to go for it.  
The benefit of neutrals is that they’re easy to warm up or cool down with different hygge decor. If your ideal cozy bedroom is a light pastel, you can always add a faux cashmere fuzzy blanket in a warm color to make it more inviting.   

Bring in Natural Elements

Two brown wicker baskets
Natural elements are always soothing, so invite some wood, rattan, wicker, wool, stone, or linen inside for guaranteed calm. Huge metal or plastic elements can feel manufactured and give your space a hard edge.
No room for ornamental decor? Get something practical and beautiful like a sturdy laundry wicker basket, or for the plant parents out there, give your plants an instant earthy makeover with a faux textured stone pot

Light It Up

Sandalwood candle on bedside table

Thankfully, candles are an essential part of achieving instant hygge. Instead of tall slender candles that might pose a bigger safety risk near curtains or in the bedroom, opt for jar candles instead. 

Natural wax candles like soy, palm, coconut, and beeswax are excellent long-lasting, cruelty-free options that don’t overwhelm with scent. 
Not keen on sweet candles? Luckily, there are candle flavors for every type of taste and mood. From gentle florals to smoky woods to luxurious, honey-like ambers and even whiskey.

Destress With Calming Green(ery)

Hanging gray planters

Science says plants make you happier, and during those cold winter months having some life indoors is sure to make things more cheerful. There are plenty of near unkillable plants [link plant blog] out there, and that burst of minimal effort greenery and natural light can really make a room feel more inviting.

Keep It Seasonal

Christmas candle with pinecone

Decorating for the holidays might seem like a chore but a few tiny changes can transform your mood. A simple holiday wreath or some fresh garden flowers in spring keeps things festive without being too high-maintenance. Your happy place should be celebrated after all, and a little seasonal warmth won’t hurt. For added joy, some relaxing music to match the season or your desired mood will do wonders.

Make Your Bed Even Cozier

Green throw pillow on sofa next to olive tree

Long snoozes and restful sleep calls for comfortable, breathable sheets, but here’s another instant cozy hack: throws and throw pillows. A faux cashmere-like blanket adds warmth and looks great no matter how you arrange it. Throw it over your bed, drape it on your sofa, or toss it onto a chair—it’ll look artistic and effortless regardless.

Transform the "Laundry Chair"

Gray rope basket next to bed

How do we solve the eternal problem of storing clothes you want to re-wear but don’t belong in the wardrobe? The laundry chair is practical but it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing solution. A classy wicker basket or a soft rope basket does the trick nicely. Now you’ve got a free chair and your room can stay tidy with minimum effort. Baskets also work very well for spare blankets, toys, and pillows, so don’t be afraid to use them all over the house.

You can apply these tips to nearly any room in your home. Whether you use them all or just one or two is up to you, but we encourage you to embrace a little Danish culture and experiment for that perfect hygge interior—it’ll make you healthier and happier in the long run!


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