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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Effortless Home Decor

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Raise your hand if you want a stunning home filled with beautiful decor but don’t have the energy.

woman sleeping in white bed Like most people (us included!) you would love a gorgeous, high-fashion home in theory

But let’s face it…

  • You’ve already googled “how to decorate an apartment” and “cozy living room ideas.” 
  • You’ve somehow fallen in love with eclectic living rooms and modern home decor. 
  • You don’t want to look like an identical copy of a showroom you saw.

You’re overwhelmed by furniture styles and how to find the best home interior products. It’s stressful because you feel like there’s a “right” way to do it.

Fact: There isn’t. It’s about what works for you and what brings you joy.
So here it is: Your guide to crafting a stunning, low-maintenance home.

The Divine Power of Decluttering

woman and child putting toys in basket

Not deep cleaning—decluttering. Clearing away the unnecessary stuff you’ve been meaning to throw away for ages. Reorganizing and taking stock of what you actually want to own.

Remember: Out of house, out of mind! Before we even start thinking about apartment decor or interior design, let’s make one thing clear: The less stuff you have, the less stress you’ll feel.

Decluttering will open your space, make it feel bigger, and make your space feel more peaceful and welcoming. Maybe you don’t even need decor—maybe more space is enough. 

Not sure how to declutter? See our easy emergency guide.

Plan Ahead

Planner pages

“Plan ahead? But I already live here!” Of course, but as the saying goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. 

Your is clutter free, so now you can take a real good look. Ask what doesn’t work for you and create a list of changes you want to make. Think about…
  • What needs to be removed, rearranged, or put somewhere else? 
  • What small changes in color, size, or texture could help?
  • Is there a pattern, design, or style you’ve grown out of?
  • How do you feel when you stay this room? 

A list like this is especially important if you’re renting—you don’t want to remove furniture that isn’t yours! It could be as simple as “buy storage” or “change rug.” Whatever it is, take your time—this process shouldn’t be rushed. 

For small decor changes that make a huge impact, here’s a quick list:

Choose a Style, but Go Low-Maintenance

Scrabble tiles spelling simple

Simple designs = simple clean-up. You can love the bohemian look, but before you start adding things to your shopping cart, think about your list and the maintenance. For example:

  • What style(s) do you like how would you like to incorporate them?

  • What small decor accents would add personality to your space?

  • How much time can you spend maintaining your decor?

  • How will your children and/or pets treat the new decor?

It’s tempting to buy everything off Pinterest, but it’s important to stay practical. You don’t want it turning into a random collection of “stuff” for your rooms!

Having said that, if you prefer a more detailed style, don’t despair. You can decorate to your heart’s content, but keep your color palette small and opt for a low-maintenance style. Scandinavian and Modern are great choices here. 

The Power Of Neutrals

Embroidery thread in neutral colors

If you’re nervous about decor, neutral decorating sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? It’s easy to think that a neutral color background automatically means cozy. The risk here is decorating your whole space in beige or white and realizing it isn’t actually comforting, but plain and sterile.

“But other people do it!” You might say. True, and if this is your idea of cozy, go for it! Just know that lighting (natural or artificial) can have a huge effect on photographs and relying on one shade can feel boring after a while.
So, how do you fix it?

Aside from color palettes, just have fun and add your own twist! Your favorite art pieces in interesting shapes, soft throws, and cushy throw pillows add the perfect cozy element.

 If you do have a preferred color scheme, experiment with different shades and hues. If warmer colors are your thing, don’t think it’s all reds, oranges, and yellows—creamy whites, soft peaches, and reddish-browns also belong in the same color family.

Let There Be Light

Group of lit candles at night

Sunshine makes people happy. Even if you have the best decor in the world, a brighter room makes things better.

Changing your lights is the ultimate “lazy” hack for a cozier home—switch out those sterile, cold, blue-white lights for some warm orange or yellow-hued bulbs and you’ll feel better immediately. This applies to every room in your space, no matter how you’ve decorated it. We subconsciously associated warm light and candlelight with intimate environments, and where’s more intimate than home?

Never Move Furniture Again

Green sofa on raised legs on wooden floor

So now your house is decluttered, you’ve planned out your next moves, chosen a style, and fixed the lights. You should be proud of yourself! You’ve done more than most.

So here’s the tip that’s going to make sure you never move furniture again. On those rare days when you feel like cleaning your house, this tip is going to save you time and energy.

Choose high-profile furniture. 

That means tall legs. That means furniture that’s tall enough to vacuum (or Roomba) under. From your bedside table to your sofa to your plants, whatever creative den ideas you have, make sure they’re tall.

Not a fan of high-profile furniture or decor? Then do the opposite—buy things that are flush to the floor so the dust has no chance of getting trapped.

Get Inspired

Woman's hand holding iphone with Instagram on screen

Nobody wants an identical copy of a room, but don’t be afraid to get inspired. 
Whether it’s your favorite blogger, Instagram page, or Pinterest, don’t feel like you’re stealing from anyone if you add your own twist!

 A change in color, texture, and layout can do a world of wonder for your space, and getting help from the experts is totally acceptable.

Ultimately, it’s your home, and it’s up to you to decide what makes you happy! If you’ve fallen in love with a particular style or image, you can emulate it—the next step is to work out how to make it reflect you even more.


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