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13 Unique Vanilla Candles That Are Far From Basic

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Contrary to popular belief, vanilla is one of the most interesting and precious spices that exist today. Instead of thinking of vanilla as bland and boring, shouldn’t we celebrate the one spice that everyone loves?

Vanilla bean

At La Jolie Muse, we think a vanilla-scented candle is one of the most luxurious items you can own. Why? Because the history of vanilla is as wild as it is fascinating.

A Brief History of Vanilla

When Fernanda Cortez landed on the Mexican coast of Veracruz in 1519, he and his crew were greeted by the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan City with an amazing beverage as a welcome. A wondrous drink made of chocolate and vanilla, Cortez was so enamored with the aroma that he presented a vanilla pod (also known as a vanilla bean) to his king, Charles V.

But the Aztecs weren’t so quick to reveal the secrets behind their precious vanilla orchid. For two centuries, Mexico had a monopoly on the world’s vanilla production, until vanilla finally reached Madagascar via French colonists in the early 19th century.

Wild, Untamed, and…Expensive

Vanilla Planifolia. Despite how easy it is to buy vanilla today, this orchid is not one to be easily tamed! A tropical plant that thrives in humidity and fertile soil, the vanilla orchid is a creeper plant that clings to trees and is pollinated by the Melipona bee in the Amazon. It wasn’t until hand pollination was discovered that we could begin to enjoy this spice in delicious quantities.

Post pollination, it takes between 10-18 months for a vanilla pod to grow. Once the vanilla pod is picked, blanched, and fermented, they then sunbathe for around two weeks. They’re then wrapped up in blankets for another 15 days before they’re air dried.

And this lengthy process ends with…the pods being ground up for their aroma. Now you can see why this spice is so expensive.

Synthetic Saviors

Flasks and beakers in lab with pipette in waterThankfully, today we have synthetic alternatives that are extremely similar. We even have aromatic molecules that are stronger than the original.

But if you’re looking for candles or perfume that use the real raw ingredient, you’ll have to drop a pretty penny to afford the most prestigious scents.

The Best Vanilla Candle

One of vanilla’s best attributes is its versatility. Soft, sensual, warm, sweet, spicy…vanilla fits perfectly with an infinite number of notes. From rich caramels to floral, woody scents to citrus, vanilla is the virtuoso note that harmonizes with everyone.

Now that we’ve convinced you of vanilla’s greatness, it’s time to find the vanilla candle of your dreams!

Vanilla & Coconut

La Jolie Muse Vanilla and Coconut candle on tray on table

Creamy coconut, warm vanilla, and the overwhelming scent of a tropical paradise. If you’re looking for something indulgently sweet without going overboard, this scent is a true gift. Like all La Jolie Muse candles, it’s a combination of palm wax and natural soy wax, making it a clean-burning, biodegradable dream.

Vanilla Tobacco

La Jolie Muse Vanilla and Tobacco tin candle

Don’t worry, there’s no real tobacco in this candle! The sweet warmth of vanilla mingles with the dry, smokiness of musk and caramel for a scent that allures and soothes. A mature scent that impresses with hot, honeyed notes to satisfy any palate.

Cinnamon Pumpkin

La Jolie Muse Cinnamon Pumpkin candle tin candle next to pumpkin

Refined, warm, and spiced in all the right ways. While cinnamon and pumpkin take center stage in this ensemble, vanilla and amber bring much-needed balance to this olfactory performance. Even if you’re not typifcally a pumpkin spice type of person, this scent isn’t overly cloying.

Vanilla Cake

La Jolie Muse Vanilla Cake candle glass jar candle with cake and vanilla bean
That sweet nostalgia of childhood birthdays captured in a beautiful glass jar candle. Vanilla, almond, cream, milk, and a hint of musk make up this delicious wax candle. With a burn time of up to 75 hours, you’ll be able to relive those birthdays for days on end.

Whiskey Caramel

La Jolie Muse Whiskey Caramel tin candle next to whiskey
Musk, caramel, coconut, pink pepper, grapefruit, pineapple, bergamot…there’s a whole host of delicious notes that make up this rich concoction. Neither too sweet or rich, this scent is a warm and mellow relaxer that charms with an aromatic touch.

Orange & Bergamot

La Jolie Must Orange and Bergamot tin candle on table
Bergamot, orange, and mandarin are the stress-relieving trio that brightens this scent. Vanilla and warm, grassy vetiver bring them down to earth, creating a scent that refreshes and warms like an orange orchard in summer.

Lavender & Eucalyptus

La Jolie Muse Lavender and Eucalyptus tin candle

Relaxing and revitalizing, lavender has always been praised when included in aromatherapy candles. Once lit, you’ll fall in love with the delicate lavender notes before being refreshed by the cool notes of eucalyptus anchored by sweet vanilla and earthy musk.

Woody Leather

La Jolie Muse Woody Leather tin candle on table

Like the subtle crackling of a fireplace, you’ll find yourself in a cabin in the woods with this scent. Rich vanilla, balsam, chestnut, juniper, and sweet orange flower make up this crisp leather and mountain fresh air composition.

Shore Breeze & Sage

La Jolie Muse Shore Breeze & Sage tin candle

Your seaside retreat in a jar. Rich florals like chamomile, jasmine, lemongrass, and green tea are balanced with soft vanilla, sandalwood, musk, and cedar wood for a crisp, peaceful scent that reminisces of warm sand, salty air, and crashing waves.

Spicy Amber

La Jolie Muse Spicy Amber jar candle with pinecone and bath towel

Sensual amber with a bite. Like freshly crushed spice pods releasing their powerful aromatic fragrances, this scent invites meditation and radiates calm with a soothing body of cardamom, nutmeg, jasmine cedarwood, and vanilla.

Black Coffee

La Jolie Muse Black Coffee tin candle with coffee cup

Your morning brew, now richer and even more complex. Like the best coffee, this scent keeps it simple with notes of coffee, cacao, tonka bean, and vanilla. Dark, velvety, and bold, this scent is sure to awaken your senses no matter the time of day.

Coconut Limeade

La Jolie Muse Coconut Limeade tin candle

Milky coconut, warm vanilla, and a squeeze of ripe, sparkling lime in a cold glass. This rich and energizing scent is like lazy afternoons on the beach while sipping something delicious. The perfect escape from the hustle, this scent is a luxury that relaxes in minutes.

Dark Berries & Bergamot

La Jolie Muse Dark Berries & Bergamot glass jar candle

A stunning wood wick candle that makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Forget gift cards, this generously sized candle is a flawless blend of red berry, orange, cherry, plum, vanilla, and caramel. Sweet yet tart, warm yet refreshing, the essential oils in this decadent scent present a fruity yet spiced composition.

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