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7 Of The Best Manly Scented Candles

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If you want something earthy, woody, and reminiscent of the great outdoors, a more masculine candle scent should be right up your alley—no matter who you are.

Pine tree skyline

Scents don’t have an inherent gender, but we’ve come to draw feminine and masculine associations with specific scents. This is due to a mixture of fashion, history, and marketing (did you know that lavender was once considered a manly scent?). 

Nowadays, we’re free to enjoy whatever scents take our fancy. In the end, if you’re a man looking for a candle, the best manly candles are the ones you like. Scented candles for men, like fashion, food, and any form of creative expression—are all about personal taste.

But if you’re looking for a more traditional candle gift set for him, look no further. Here’s a range of budget-friendly to luxury candles for men.

Dark Rum & Oak     

La Jolie Muse Dark Rum & Oak metal jar candle art deco style
The first on our manly smelling candles list is one of our favorites from our Mirela series. Dark Rum & Oak is citrusy with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices, all supported on a rich base of tropical dark rum. As potent as aged rum barrels and balanced with the sweetness of honey, Dark Rum & Oak is full-bodied and delicious. 
As an added bonus, the unique vessel design of our Mirela series means that this candle features a two-part removable lid, with the inner ring specially designed to keep your candle burning longer and more evenly.  

Tobacco Leaf Herb

La Jolie Muse Tobacco Leaf & Herb candle black metal tin candle and fireplace
Before you worry about the tobacco content, you’ll be relieved to know that this candle has no tobacco whatsoever. Tobacco leaf is sweet-smelling, earthy, and almost hay-like. 

The scent is extracted from the dried leaves and is perfectly safe. A wonderfully smoky scent, its balanced with notes of sweet tonka bean and rich coconut.

Woody Leather 

La Jolie Muse Woody Leather bronze metal tin candle on felt square background
A crackling fireplace represented by woody cloves harmonized with sweet florals makes Woody Leather a crowd favorite that mimics notes of leather. Vanilla, orange flower, and juniper are enticingly sweet and fresh and bring balance to this soothing scent.

Whiskey Caramel

La Jolie Muse Whiskey Caramel art deco metal tin candle on glass table next to whiskey bottle and chair
For the sweet-toothed gourmand, Whiskey Caramel ticks all the boxes for a manly indulgence. Mellow yet warmly sophisticated, Whiskey Caramel will lull you to sleep without overwhelming the senses and serves as the perfect addition to any men's candle gift set.

Sandalwood Scent       

La Jolie Muse Maelyn orange glass Sandalwood candles with wood wick
Velvety, rich, and revered since ancient times, sandalwood is the smoky temple scent you’ll never get tired of. Known to alleviate anxiety and bring calm, it lives up to its sumptuous nickname “liquid gold.” A signature scent in the candle world, sandalwood is the scent for anyone looking to indulge (but not overwhelm) in the soothing calm of sandalwood essential oil.  

Pomegranate & Pine

La Jolie Muse Pomegranate & Pine green glass candle next to basket of pomegranates and pinecones

An unlikely duo that marries pomegranate tartness with camphorous fir balsam. Cooling yet sweet, this fragrant scent will take you on a calming journey through a mysterious forest that surprises you with every citrusy, spicy, and refreshing step.      

Cedarwood & Cypress Fragrance
La Jolie Muse Cedarwood & Cypress green floral tin candle with Christmas ornaments

Out of all the manly scented candles, this vibrant, woody, resinous scent captures the majesty of the cedar tree with an elegant twist. Crisp cedar, cooling eucalyptus, and sweet birch all bring their unique facets for a fragrant, multi-dimensional wintry escape. It’s the ideal winter candle to get you in the holiday spirit no matter the time of year.

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