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9 Quick Tiny Space Living Hacks (No Power Tools Needed!)

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Save space and get your deposit back no matter where you move.

Small cozy apartment living room with plants

From wall storage to living room cabinet ideas, there’s a whole world of tiny space hacks online. But not everyone has the time to drill, install, and DIY their way to their dream little space aesthetic—so here are 9 low-effort hacks to make your tiny space as homey as possible, no screwdriver needed!

Clean Floor, Happy Room

La Jolie Muse Dolder White & Desert Cotton Rope Laundry Basket

There’s a reason under-bed storage is a classic hack. But the best ideal storage hack is to never let the clutter build up in the first place. 

Impossible? Almost, but a piece like the Dolder rope basket can carry anything and everything—clothes, shoes, toys, towels, and even books.

Rustic baskets are totally effortless and save you using precious closet space. Imagine, a basket for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, and laundry room. They’re so versatile and flexible you’ll never trip or slide on a rogue toy or towel again.  

Don’t limit yourself to hard, clear plastic storage solutions. Decorative storage is a game changer.

Wires Be Gone

La Jolie Muse Nonza Gray Bamboo Storage Baskets

We all know the perils of a messy desk. While piling up wires, papers, and stationery isn’t the most efficient way to store items, we often can’t help it—which is why these Nonza bamboo baskets are the best storage idea for such a precious small space.

Hide those power strips inside and weave wires through either end. Suddenly, your desk is clearer, and that mass of wires has disappeared!  

Stack It Up

La Jolie Muse Locronan Chocolate Brown Storage Baskets

Shelf or desk still messy? Stackable storage is your easy storage solution. A beautiful option like the Locronan Chocolate Brown baskets is the perfect place to hide and display your trinkets. The rimmed lids mean nothing will ever roll away, and the two smaller boxes slide neatly into the larger one create even more space storage.  

For shelf storage, you can stack these foldable Nonza gray storage baskets into your own mini slim storage tower. 

Make It Part of the Look

La Jolie Muse Antibes Dark Brown Hand Woven Storage Basket

If you’re lucky enough to have a wall storage unit take care not to clutter it! Enter the artistic storage option—the sturdy Antibes hand woven basket. A basket like this one will even look good on the ground, and is hugely useful for smaller shelf items. It even looks good as a centerpiece fruit basket.

La Jolie Muse Montrésor White & Desert Cotton Rope Storage Baskets

If you have cubby holes and want to take full advantage of the space, consider adding some Motresor baskets—they’re a great storage idea for small spaces. 

Go Green

La Jolie Muse Yonne Matte White Pot

While furniture storage is a great stress reliever, adding life to your space is hugely important. Plants aren’t just good for your health, they’re also a low-effort way to make your space feel more inviting. You don’t need to invest in a jungle—a small side table or an empty window sill will immediately look better with a pop of green.

You could even start a small herb garden to save money and make your space look stunning.

Make It Bright

Hanging lightbulbs

If installing new lights or changing your windows isn’t an option, consider some strategically placed lamps or even candles. Light is vital to the ambiance of a place, so even a tiny tealight on that narrow storage cabinet in the corner can make a difference!   

Add a Scent

La Jolie Muse Maelyn Scented Candle - Sandalwood Scent

A signature scent is a foolproof way to hack your brain for relaxation, so it’s definitely worth investing in one that makes you happy. Candles are ideal for small spaces—those delicious notes will waft into every room!

Hang High

La Jolie Muse Tuileries White Pots Set
If you’re low on surfaces, it’s time to take advantage of your ceiling and high wall space. When floating shelves aren’t an option, tall narrow shelves are an easy alternative. If you’re looking to add some green life indoors, a hanging planter is your solution.

Go Low

La Jolie Muse Havre Cream Paper Rope Storage Baskets

Another way to maximize space is to go low. Under-table storage is always a great option, like these Havre rope baskets. Slide these onto your coffee table shelf and those remotes, game console controllers, and books stay hidden in plain sight.

La Jolie Muse Nonza Gray Modern Magazine Rack Storage Basket

But if you don’t have extra low space, why not lean into the casual aesthetic? These Nonza Magazine rack storage sit nicely on the floor and will turn your reading list into an art piece with zero effort.

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