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The Best Small Indoor Planters For Your Tiny Apartment Jungle

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Size matters? It surely does.
Two ceramic cow pots with cacti

Now that you’ve set your heart on a hard-to-kill plant and decided between ceramic planters or plastic ones (all with drainage holes, of course), the next step is to think about size.

As much as you would love a huge monstera towering over you, your indoor jungle still needs to be practical and unobtrusive. Watering, cleaning, repotting, and harvesting your plants (if your home garden is a herb garden) are unavoidable tasks you’ll always have to address.

Basically put, if your apartment is too full of plants, you’ll struggle to find the motivation to even do laundry. That’s why small indoor pots are key. They’re easier to move and you’ll have an excuse to invest in even more tiny green babies!

So what’s the difference between small plant pots, indoor or outdoor? The main difference is that outdoor pots are designed to withstand the elements. If you find an outdoor plant pot you love, it’s an indoor floor planter as soon as you take it inside.

So let’s dive into the world of smaller pots—you’ll be surprised how diverse pots can look.

Floor Plant Pots

La Jolie Muse Claree white ceramic pot with wooden stand and plant

The easiest place to put a plant—on the floor! While large plant pots are a focal point of any room, a small planter can be just as good. For blooms you’re proud of, this Clarée White Pot is only 8 inches big and stands out with its wooden stand, white ceramic body, and embossed moons.

La Jolie Muse Foreant beige ceramic pot with wooden stand

La Jolie Muse Madine white ceramic pot with wooden stand and plant

Other fabulous options include our Foréant Sandy Beige Pot with slender dowel legs or our Madine pot, inspired by blooming daisies. 

Find Texture

La Jolie Muse Tuileries white speckled plastic planter

Another way to keep your living space interesting with a simple floor pot is to find textured flower pots. Our Tuileries series comes in seven textures: marble, matte white, rust, rock gray, speckle black, speckled white, and weathered gray.

La Jolie Muse Tuileries Weathered Gray plastic pot

The entire series is designed to mimic natural textures but without the heft and weight of natural stone. These lightweight, recycled plastic planter sets are also weatherproof, so you can give your green babies some well-earned sunshine in good weather. These duos are only 8.6 inches and 7.5 inches each, so finding space for them should be a breeze. Speaking of breeze... 

Hanging Planters

La Jolie Muse Monceau hanging ceramic planters

When the floor is full, we look skyward toward planter baskets! While all planters are home decor, planter baskets have one key advantage—they take up very little room hanging in the air but make a huge impact. These Monceau pots are a tiny 5.5 inches each, so you can hang them anywhere without feeling bulky.

Go Wild

Ceramic animals pots for succulents

Living room shelves, office desks, vanity tables—all great places for tiny succulents that thrive on neglect. When looking at succulent pots, try to find ones with drainage holes if you can.

Rabbit, cat, and fox ceramic succulent pots

Gray fox succulent ceramic pots

With tiny pots, planters, and other succulent-worthy vessels (like used candle jars) you can go wild with tiny, quirky pots. From llamas to giraffes to cats and owls, you can expand your animal kingdom and your jungle in one fell swoop.

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